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《自然療法與你》 《靈丹妙藥的同類療法》 《自力更新》 袁大明醫生 周兆祥博士 癌症 《生食食出新生》
Energy from Water! Future Technology

Energy from Water! Future Technology "Hydrogen Generator" 用水發電﹖未來新科技「氫氧燃料輔助省油器」


主題 Topic: Energy from Water! Future Technology "Hydrogen Generator" 用水發電﹖未來新科技「氫氧燃料輔助省油器」
主持人 Hosted by: 袁大明自然療法醫生 / 李穎康 / 甘永賢
嘉賓 Guest:Neil Gould (Exopolitics, Hong Kong Representative) / Hurman Chiu
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1.) You Tube Video "Energy From Water" Watch VIDEO from here
2.) Listen to Ashweth Palise on Youtube (as mentioned in the radio program) Watch VIDEO from here
3.) Panacea University - Hydroxy Gas
4.) Panacea University - GEET

About David Pantone - Inventor of GEET

Key points form David:

"My name is David Pantone. My father is Inventor Paul Pantone who is being wrongfully held and tortured at the Utah State Hospital. I have contacted a man who was recently in the USH with my father. I have interviewed this man about his experience being abused, mis-medicated and having his complaints ignored while in the USH. I am calling for all witnesses to come forward so we can stop this from happening to more innocent and sane people.

I will continue to make videos, with more information about my dad, the USH, the State of Utah, and what we can do to help.
Please forward this message to everyone you know, and speak with people you see about Paul Pantone in the USH.

Here is a link to the interview on youtube.

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