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《綠色心靈力量》- EP159 - 做靈性療癒的智慧:心靈導師Ron Young訪談(下)

《綠色心靈力量》- EP159 - 做靈性療癒的智慧:心靈導師Ron Young訪談(下)

《綠色心靈力量》- EP159 - 做靈性療癒的智慧:心靈導師Ron Young訪談(下)

主題 Topic: 《綠色心靈力量》- EP159 - 做靈性療癒的智慧:心靈導師Ron Young訪談(下)
主持人 Hosted by: 周兆祥博士
嘉賓 Guest:Ron Young

有幸國際級療癒大師楊瓏(Ron Young)首次訪港,和周可凡一起向他請教療癒之道,獲益良多。他把自己的信念和經驗毫無保留分享。

Ron’s work is the product of a lifetime of investigation into the Nature of Reality, and the outcome of many, many thousands of hours of guided spiritual development by his Teachers, and by the Grace of Spirit. For Ron the work was and remains a full and continuous immersion; and is also the product of many years of unceasing service with those seeking guidance, healing, and creative visioning.

Ron’s work as a Spiritual Guide is to develop those who study with him by bringing each trainee “Home- to their Spirit Within.” This movement to Self is a patient and gradual unfolding founded in the Power of Love. The revealed gifts and the journey are unique to each individual. There are no carbon copies of the Teacher-Guide. It is the Teacher-Guide’s spiritual duty to reveal each student to himself, and to help each develop the gifts endowed by Spirit for the incarnation.

Ron’s teachers had no techniques- they had only the Ocean of Creation in which they each lived and consciously demonstrated with Spirit what was possible beyond the confines of human intellect and its science of informed reality. In this work as given by Ron through the model of his teachers, is the inherent abyss, which remains impassable for the majority of seekers. There is no technique with its accompanying comfort zone that gives a degree, a title and a form. The work is achieved by looking inside the world of appearance to see what is. From this place of direct perception with Spirit, untainted from desired outcomes, the work is done.

The work in all of its applications is based on the willingness of the applicant to follow the movement of consciousness as it opens within: with humility, compassion, trust and fearlessness, joined with ruthless honesty and the willingness to persevere.

Ron’s work as a Spiritual Healer:
During the 37 years that Ron has been blessed to work with the seriously ill, through God’s Grace  there have been countless healings. Many who have come to his door, often sent by physicians, were deemed“ beyond the help of modern medicine,” yet due to God’s Grace they live today. Nine, ten, twelve years later these clients remain disease free. The physicians call these individuals “Miracle People.”

Of Course, not all who come for healing are "seriously ill." Many arrive for a revision of life with its innate purpose and sense of self reborn; for others it is the reorganization of the structure of life within family and relationship. In most cases we see the anguished-self that was carried deeply broken within becoming the ground for a compassionate life, opening outward with trust and vulnerability.

Ron’s work in Creative Visioning:
Ron began this work in 1980 with professionals in the Creative and the Performing Art. He taught them the tools for stabilizing within their Creative Self. The majority of the participants went on to achieve both great recognition and the highest awards in their individual creative fields. Over the years Ron has expanded this work to include all avenues of life and all professions.





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